WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE to any of its customers, It appears At&t has suspended The MMS service for their 3G customers on 9/5/2019.
 The previous setting we had At&t 3G customers use to send text messages to their phone was:

##########@mms.att.net         This does not work (FOR 3G CUSTOMERS ONLY).  For 4G customers this still works.

This is NOT a problem with our Bigfoot firmware update, recent app changes or SimHero. It is a problem with previously provided free MMS 3G service from At&t
which is not currently available.   At this time we are not sure when or if this service will be restored by At&t.

We suggest you send all pictures from your 3G Bigfoot camera to your EMAIL ADDRESS - THIS WORKS GREAT!

  The only permanent solution (if it is absolutely necessary for you to send text messages with images to your cell phone) we have for you at this time is to upgrade to
our 4G Camera.  We can provide a replacement new Bigfoot 4G camera to you for $75.00.

If you choose this option the new 4G camera will be shipped to you freight free and a return label will be included in your box to send your 3G camera back.

 Your current 3G SimHero card and remaining data will automatically load to your new 4G camera as will your SD card.